Most of the men out there want to please their woman in bed. If you are not one of those men, then you should start to be. Chances are that not taking the time to please your woman sexually can lead to problems. Many relationships end because women are frustrated by their partner’s inability to make them enjoy sex. In other instances, the woman may turn around and have an affair to find someone else to satisfy her. In case those are not enough reasons for you to want to please your woman, think about this.

How would you feel if your woman was not pleasing you when you had sex with her? The reality is that too many women have sex without reaching an orgasm. And in the end, sex without an orgasm is not really something most people want. The best way to know what the best way to please a woman in bed, is by asking women themselves. There are several tips you should follow to know what those things are. These are the best sex tips to men, from women.

According to women, one of the first things you must do when having sex with them, is to take your time. Too many men rush into sex and ignore foreplay. Keep in mind that while you may ejaculate right away, women take a longer time to get aroused. By the time you come, they may be just getting started. In addition, a large amount of men come too quickly as well. Go slow and make sure you play with her and touch her all over. Get her aroused first and to the point of orgasm. That way, by the time penetration is near, you can come together.

You also need to be confident when you are having sex with your partner. Women love men who are confident in bed and that turns them on. In some cases, asserting dominance during sex will cause her to be completely aroused and horny. Many women mentioned how they want their partner to talk dirty to them. Still, this doesn’t mean that you have to only do it during sex in the bedroom. You can talk dirty to her while you are out eating dinner, at a bar or the movies. Whisper in her ear how badly you want her and how you would love to ravish her. By the time you get her home, she will be ready to explode once you begin to have sex.


A vast majority of men ignore their partner’s boobs. This doesn’t mean simply grabbing them. Women want their boobs licked, kissed and caressed. Make their nipples turn hard by giving them soft and gentle bites. In some cases, the woman might come with just a bit of you fingering her afterwards. Once in a while, you may want to let your girl take charge of the situation. Allow her to do what she wants and lead you to where she desires. Let her get on top of you or hold you down until she comes. A great tip is to ask your woman what she wants. Too many couples are often scared to talk about something they may want to do with their partner. It could be something that both of you may want and neither of you ever mentioned it. Perhaps she has a fantasy and she is waiting for you to ask her about it. Do all you can to please your woman and the sex will be great for you both.

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