When it comes to sex for couples, it can often make or break a relationship. Repeating the same routines can lead to boredom and kill any spontaneity. That is why it is so important for them to do all they can to keep their sexual activity going. There are many hot sex games for couples which can help them do that. Thanks to technology, there are video games couples can play as well. The most important thing is to make sure your sex life stays fun and entertaining.


The Timer Game – You can play this with a stopwatch, clock or egg timer. You can choose to play for 10 or 20 minutes to start. Once you select the amount of time, it is your turn to tease your partner for the duration of it. You have to touch, caress, kiss and do anything that’s considered foreplay during that time to him or her. But, there cannot be any penetration during the timer game. That is what makes the game so much fun.

Movie Role Playing – For this game you have to find a great sex scene from a movie. The next step is to study the sex scene and remember it. Once you are done, you can then begin to re-enact the sex scene with your partner. With so many sex scenes to choose from, you can go a long way. You may even use hot sex scenes from pornographic movies.


Blindfold Game – Get something to blindfold your partner. Once you have him or her blindfolded, you then take them to the bedroom. Your next step is to begin to enrapture them with kisses, touching and more. But, do it slowly while being reckless as well. The best part about is that you are in control and you call the shots based on his or her arousal level.

Purchase A Real Game – The best way to get into sex games, is to actually buy one. There are countless of sex games available today. You have all types of sex games including digital, board games and others. These sex games are very popular and help millions of couples keep their sex lives active and fun.

The Prisoner Game – To play this sex game with your partner you will need four neckties. You can also use other form of restraints made for these type of games. Those are sold in sex toy stores. The person that ties the other, does so by tying them to the bedposts. Their wrists and ankles are restrained and then you proceed to have your way with them.

The Money Game – The key to this game is getting your mate to try and balance money on their open hands for at least ten minutes. The person must not hold on to the money but have their hands open while the money is set atop. You can use quarters or bills for this game. Whatever type of currency you use, your job is to arouse them. Do whatever you have to make them lose their balance and move those hands. Once they do and the money falls, you win the bet and the sex game.

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